Cultivating career equality

Cultivating Career Equality

How to solve a problem like gender imbalance


This year, Lorien and our partner onezeero. are investigating the recruitment sector to look beyond the myths and uncover how we can make our company - and the industry - a better place for everyone.

Are we actually doing enough to attract and retain women? Could we be doing more to encourage more women to come into recruitment? And what makes the existing people in our company successful?

That is what our project sets out to achieve. We’re here to help not only our company, but our industry, and perhaps you.

Here’s what Lorien CEO Claire Marsh had to say on the project:

As someone who's worked in recruitment for twenty years (all at Lorien - I joined as a resourcer!), and been lucky enough to work in an organisation that really drives career progression, I’ve often wondered where recruitment’s reputation for being hyper-masculine came from. I’ve also always wondered why an industry that is so orientated around people — and manages to have a fairly even gender split at entry level in some sectors — eventually becomes so unbalanced in later years.

I believe there’s a chance the two may be connected, and that’s one thing we wanted to explore over the coming weeks. Where did this stereotype come from? Is it even true, and do companies feel like they need to live up to it? Does it stop women getting into the field and does it stop them progressing? Do we even need a competitive environment to build a successful business?

Claire Marsh CEO

We’re going to start with our own beliefs and perceptions. As for where we’ll finish, that answer lies with our people.

It’s only through listening that we’ll get the answers we need to implement change in our industry and progress our own gender diversity initiatives.

Over the coming weeks and months we’re going to ask difficult questions, undertake in-depth research, and post our findings for all to see. You can also discover our take on the gender balance both within our industry, and the wider world of work. All of which you can find regular updates of on this page.

Our aim is to discover the true landscape in the recruitment industry and suggest changes on how we can make it better for all. Discover all of our findings here.